A Portable Garden

By Louise Caccamise

Foster City, California, in the San Francisco Bay area, was where Ruth Trask used to grow lemon and orange trees in her yard. When she moved to John Knox Village in Orange City to be near relatives, she brought her love of gardening
with her.

Ruth has proved that it really does not matter where you live; you can still enjoy gardening and share the produce with family and friends. Here at John Knox on the porch of her apartment she has portable containers that hold her thriving vegetable plants. There are cherry tomatoes, green peppers and jalapeños. During the day the sun filters through her screened porch and at night soft lights shine in each container. She needs no chemicals to aid in growth, just water and sun. Her family loves that special salsa that she makes from her garden.

Ruth trained to be a nurse and practiced in the New York City area earlier in her life. She hopes to meet other retired nurses here. In the meantime, her little dog, Princess Molly, happily watches it all and together they make daily walks to Central Bark.

If you would like to garden and do not want to be responsible for a garden plot as large as those on Trafford Avenue, a small portable container might be the answer. They are available in the gardening section of such stores as Walmart.