Boomer and MJ

Shared by Mary Jane Hench

In the January/February issue of Village Life magazine, in celebration of Valentines Day, we asked our residents to share with us their stories of finding their true love. I hope you enjoy reading about these special couples as much as we did! Click here to read more from our residents.

This story began a long time ago and has lasted for about 60 years.

We met when I was in nursing school and he was my patient. About a week after we met he gave me his ring so I would be his girlfriend, not realizing it would be a lifetime of love and adventure.

Upon his release from the hospital he joined the navy and was sent to French Morocco. At this point we were separated for about a year. His adventures there were quite amazing: from delivering babies in the out country to giving vaccines to the residents in the villages.

Doug and Mary Jane Hench have been sweethearts for 60 years.

Boomer was to arrive back in the states shortly before our wedding, but he was late because of a delayed flight. I picked him up at the airport exactly 24 hours before we were to be married. After a few hugs and kisses, I gave him the keys and payment book to the new car I bought just before he came home. Then out of generosity, I gave him the brand new charge card that I used to purchase our wedding rings. He reminded me that he had sent money to buy the rings. Oops! I told him that I charged the rings and spent the money someplace else. So this was his introduction to me!

Boomer spent 22 years in the navy, and our family lived in many places of true wonder and had many great adventures. Years later when he returned from a business trip, he told me that the places we loved had changed dramatically.

Life has been a challenge, but we have had a great life led by the sweet taste of love and kindness only a Christian man could give his wife and extended family. Our children are grown, and we are blessed with grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren.

Boomer chose John Knox Village for us, and we love this place we now call home. We have been here for about six years and have found such joy in the care we receive from the staff as well as the joy we receive from interaction with JKV residents.

So as you can see there is so much more I could tell you all, but I believe that this is the place GOD wanted us to live.

So by now you have probably figured out who Boomer and MJ are.

Love to all!
Doug and Mary Jane Hench!