COVID-19 Village Wide Update: March 20, 2020 4:30 p.m.

Protective Actions Taken
Coronavirus Update
March 20, 2020 – 4:30 p.m.
Village-wide Updates:

• Calling all quilters and sewers! Due to a shortage in the availability of face masks, our med centers need your assistance in assembling fabric masks that can be washed.
o JKV will supply fabric, thread and elastic. Materials will be available in the Barker Center Monday afternoon.
o Pattern and instructions can be found at: or

• In an effort to be as prepared as we can be, and to ensure the continued safety and well-being of our residents, JKV management have been attending daily calls with public health officials and clinical and quality experts to discuss best practices for preparation and response to the virus. The health and well-being of our residents is our top priority, and we’ve been focused on keeping the virus out of our community. We have been extremely proactive with containment strategies and infection prevention and control for several weeks now. We will continue to screen residents, visitors and vendors, and refuse admission to anyone who fails the screening criteria.

• Independent Living residents, at this time, we would like you to limit your visitors to family members that may need to assist you with health care needs. All visitors will be screened at the gate and will not be allowed in common areas or the dining rooms. If you need assistance picking up meals, please contact home health at 775-3840 extension 1402.

• COVID Dining Credit
o Residents are eligible for a maximum credit of $300 per person.
o Residents on the Limited Meal Plan will receive a $218 credit in addition to their already existing $82 limited plan credit, for a total credit of $300.
o Credit will be issued to accounts where no charges are accrued during a rolling 30-day period.
o Eligibility for credit starts 3/18/2020.
o COVID-19 Dining Credit will cease upon notification by John Knox Village of Central Florida Management.

• The accounting office is closed to all visitors due to its location in Oak View Suites Assisted Living. If you have any questions for accounting please call or email.

• Each JKV department leader has instructed staff members about the symptoms of COVID-19 and monitoring residents for these symptoms; teaching staff about how the virus spreads and recommended containment actions, including staying home from work if they are symptomatic.

• If you have been instructed to self-isolate, we anticipate you will comply. We will be regularly checking to make sure that you are. Residents who are under self-isolation and are found to not be isolating, will be considered in violation of their residency contract.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this state of emergency.