Feeling Thankful

By Sally Eunpu
Photo by Jane Lambert

Each morning I wake and wonder what the day will bring. Will I do my daily routine or will I think of an outing of sorts? Here in my home, my workshop holds all my tools: computer, printer, paper and pens. It also contains sewing “stuff” from my last hobbies of knitting and quilting and drawing. I was prepared to take on more projects once I had the time. Surprise, that day is here. My choices beckon, but something seems to stop me. I really want to go shopping for some new clothes.

I need a different size because the current ones don’t fit me anymore. Since the COVID-19 restrictions, that choice is out.

With that choice gone, I’ll do my routine of washing dishes, cleaning Mitty’s box and all the other chores that must be done. Then what?

My friends have been urging me to walk and I finally agreed with them. I’ve tried different times and just before dinner works for me. My Fitbit tells me how many steps I take each day and my new goal is to walk 5,000 steps daily.

As I walk out the door, I check the time and walk in a big circle from Ivy Court, left on Trafford Avenue, left on Westlake Drive which turns into Sweetgum Drive. If you follow my path, you will learn how to walk my route. Sweetgum Drive dead-ends into Southlake Drive which takes me back to Trafford Avenue, another left. My walk dumps me back to Ivy Court: my safe and secure happy nest among my friends and among the leafy trees and the green bushes that provide homes for all other living creatures that wake me up by their morning songs.

The walk moves my feelings outward. I speculate about a bird’s “caw.” I watch the pavement for ups and downs in the terrain…falling is not in my game plan. The shade of the old trees and the soft moving breeze cools and comforts me in my beautiful environment.

I am home. I am safe. My world in JKV is full of goodness, kindness, laughter and the sharing of the most difficult of times in our long lives.
I am thankful.