Finding Balance

By Talina Hendrickson, Fitness Coordinator

Cooler weather means more outside activities. Just 20-30 minutes of cardio a day helps keep the fat away! Examples of cardio include walking around the lake, bike riding, taking the stairs or attending one of our aquatic classes. If the weather is too chilly, using the treadmill or the Nu-Step is a great way to get your cardio in. Participating in Latin Dance is also a great cardio workout.

Don’t forget to balance your workouts and stretch those muscles. Balance and stretch classes are available in the Fitness Center on Tuesday at 9:15 a.m., as well as on Monday and Thursday at 2 p.m. It is important to balance your workouts and your mind with a calming stretch class. Muscles have memory, and in order to grow, we have to stretch them at least three to four times a week for longevity and to increase strength.

If you are looking to improve your balance and coordination, try Tai Chi. Resident Sally Hardy leads the Tai Chi classes every Thursday at 9:10 a.m. for balance and coordination.

This past October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month was especially meaningful. After taking a short leave, residents welcomed me back on October 28 with a Pink Out with fitness class members wearing pink.

Unfortunately cancer does not discriminate; even the healthiest have fallen ill. The key to beating cancer is taking measures to prevent any illnesses. It is important to exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet to keep the body strong. I truly believe devoting the last 15 years to fitness is how I have been so fortunate to have recovered so quickly.

“Thank you to ALL the residents who led classes in the Fitness Center while I was on leave – Sally, Miles, Evelyn, Chuck and Jan. We have had such a successful year with class attendance and have surpassed our goals. I am so thankful.” – Talina


What’s New in 2020?

Circuit Training! Circuit training takes place every Monday at 9:15 a.m. If you ever feel fatigued and need a small pick me up, try the circuit training. It is a good way to add a little energy to your day. These 30-minute classes focus on the fitness equipment. Each fitness machine will be timed before you will be able to move onto the next machine. The circuit training sessions will run one month at a time and are limited to 10 residents per session. Sign up at the fitness center to participate.

Band Class. This 30-minute class will utilize the resistance of bands to improve your muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion. Resistance training also helps fight bone loss and
the symptoms of arthritis pain. Join us on Wednesdays at 9:15 a.m.

Get on Your Feet! It’s more than a song by Gloria Estefan. Getting up from the floor is something that you need to know how to do. This isn’t just about exercising; this is a criterion for independent living. People who can get up from a position on the floor are more likely to live longer than those who are unable to get up from the floor. Join me for this fun and practical class to help you stay independent longer. Stop by the Fitness Center for more information.

Interested in joining one of our classes? Look for dates and times in the Village Weekly as well as on the Portal.
If you have not scheduled an assessment or equipment orientation, contact Talina Hendrickson at Ext. 1250.