Health Care Hints: Walking Safely

Thank you to resident Evelyn Gilbert for compiling the material for this hint.


Walking Safely

We have all been walking for virtually all of our lives.

However, we are now older, with more brittle bones, with a diminished sense of balance and with poorer vision than when we first started walking. Consider the following hints when walking, both within John Knox Village and outside:

• Use the newly painted crosswalks in JKV.
• In Florida, pedestrians in a crosswalk have the right of way over vehicles. However, the driver of the vehicle may not be aware of this, so, use caution.
• Use the sidewalks wherever they are available.
• If you must walk in the street, you should face the traffic.
• Look ahead for obstacles such as curbs, uneven or cracked sidewalks, tree roots coming up through the sidewalk, debris, etc.
• Do not walk and sightsee at the same time! Stop walking when you want to look around.
• Walk on the inside of the sidewalk, i.e., away from the road.
• When walking in a parking lot, be aware of traffic and note the height of the curb you are approaching.
• Avoid the concrete ‘bumpers’ which stop cars from pulling up onto the curb when parking. If you follow the striping between the cars, you should avoid them.
• If walking with others, try to avoid having anyone walk in the street. Better to walk in front of one another than to have some on the sidewalk and some in the street.
• When walking up or down stairs, keep your eye on the steps and use the bannister/handrail.
• If you walk alone, consider wearing a safety pendant so that you can summon help if something unforeseen occurs.