Hurricane Dorian 3PM Update

Community Updates

All dining venues will continue regular service hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Housekeeping services may be altered for next week based on when the hurricane makes landfall.  Updates will be posted.

Resident parking will start on Sunday at 2 PM.  Instructions for parking will be posted to the Portal on Sunday at 10 AM. Please do not relocate your car until 2 PM on Sunday. Staff will be available to direct you and take you back to your residence. Vehicle pickup information will be provided once the storm has cleared and the roads are safe to drive.

Transportation services outside of the Village will be suspended for Monday and Tuesday.  Intra-Village transportation will run while it is safe to be on the road. Call ext. 5000 to schedule Intra-Village transportation. Please be patient as the phones may be busy.

Extra security patrols will start Sunday night and will run while it is safe to drive.

Strobe light distribution is still in process by Maintenance.

The grounds team is currently making final pickups of outdoor furniture and other items that may become hazardous during the storm.

Trash pickup has been cancelled for Monday. We will notify residents when pick up resumes.

Events in the Barker Center have been cancelled until further notice.

Make sure to close your screen doors if you have them propped open.

If you have any questions or need to contact staff, the main phone number 386.775.3840 will be monitored during the duration of the storm.

Please continue making your preparation plans to shelter in place.


Staffing Updates

Due to the updated landfall forecast, staff assigned to work during the hurricane should report to work by Monday at 9 AM.  Please continue to monitor and Facebook for staffing updates as you may be alerted to come in earlier depending on wind and rain advisories. Make sure to stay in communication with your director or manager for updates.

The Barker Center and Majestic Oaks shelter for staff and family members will open Monday at 10 AM.

All JKV staff make sure you are making preparations for your homes and families so that you feel safe and confident to be here caring for our residents during and after the storm.

  • Make sure you prepare your homes with enough food and supplies to outlast the storm.
  • Check your prescription medication and prepare for pet supplies as needed
  • Fill your cars gas tanks
  • Stay tuned to the weather updates to be prepared
  • Make sure your pets have supplies
  • Monitor school delays and closings to allow you to make alternative arrangements

If you are scheduled to work during the storm, we would like you to report to work ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard by the storm or potential road closures.

For staff members sheltering at John Knox during the storm, please bring with you to work anything you would need to stay for up to three days.  This includes:

  • Clothing
  • Personal supplies (toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush/tooth paste, feminine hygiene, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shelf stable food and water for 3 days
  • Medication
  • Cell phones/chargers
  • Additional batteries for personal devices
  • Towels


We ask that staff continue to monitor and Facebook for community and staffing updates.