Hurricane Dorian Update 9/2 at 11:55 AM

Community Updates:

Extra security patrols will continue tonight and will run while it is safe to drive.

Visitation by non-John Knox Village residents to Oak View Suites and Majestic Oaks will cease this afternoon at 5 PM.

The Fitness Center is fully closed at this time in order to accommodate resident use as a shelter. We will notify you when it resumes normal operating hours.


Staffing Updates:

The Barker Center shelter will open for staff and their families today at 3 PM.  Today’s last check-in will take place at      11 PM tonight.  Dinner will be served to employees sheltering from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Staff parking will be located along Trafford, designated Employee Parking along Citrus and Southlake as well as the Barker Center.