Hurricane Dorian Update 9/2 at 5:55 PM

Community Updates:

Extra security patrols will continue tonight and will run while it is safe to drive.

Visitation by non-John Knox Village residents to Oak View Suites and Majestic Oaks ended today at 5 PM. Visitation will reopen once the storm has passed and it is safe to be on the road.

The Fitness Center is fully closed at this time in order to accommodate resident use as a shelter. We will notify you when it resumes normal operating hours.

If you have a golf cart parked outside of your residence, please make sure to secure them as close to your cottage as possible tonight.

Make sure to close your screen doors if you have them propped open.

If you have any questions or need to contact staff, the main phone number 386.775.3840 will be monitored during the duration of the storm.

We are anticipating tropical storm force winds as early as tomorrow morning.


Staffing Updates:

The Barker Center shelter is open for staff and their families. Today’s last check-in will take place at 11 PM tonight.

Staff parking is available along Trafford, designated Employee Parking along Citrus and Southlake as well as the Barker Center.