Hurricane Dorian Update 9/4 at 9:45 AM

Community Updates:

We will start relocating vehicles at 3 PM this afternoon. Call 775-3840 extension 5000 to schedule Intra Village Transportation.

Watch Knox TV for updates on when activities will resume throughout the Village.

All sandbags will stay in place.

At this time, keep the strobe light you were issued prior to the storm. We will notify you about when pick up will take place to sign them back in.

If you left the Village for the duration of the storm and are returning, please notify security when you return.

Staff Updates:

Normal business hours will resume starting tomorrow. Everyone that needs to report should do so on Thursday. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor.

For staff returning home, make sure to use caution when driving. Inspect your home carefully before entering. Walk carefully around the outside and check for loose power lines, gas leaks, flooding and structural damage. If you spot any issues, alert local authorities before entering your home.