Hurricane Preparation Update

Community Updates

John Knox Village of Central Florida continues to monitor the storm’s path and strength closely. We continue to make plans to shelter in place.

Residents, information and instructions on relocating cars will be posted to the portal and KNOX TV. At this time, we request that you do not relocate your cars until instructions are posted.

Strobe light distribution is in process by Maintenance.

Please continue making your preparation plans to shelter in place.

If you have plans to leave John Knox Village for the duration of the storm, please make sure to submit your Out of Village Plans for Absence on the Portal or call administration by 3 PM today.


Staffing Updates

Due to the updated landfall forecast, staff assigned to work during the hurricane should report to work by Monday at 9 AM. Make sure to stay in communication with your director or manager for updates. Updates will also be posted to

The Barker Center and Majestic Oaks shelter for staff and family members will open on Monday. Updates on the exact time that the shelter will open will be provided by email as well as posted on

All JKV staff make sure you are making preparations for your homes and families so that you feel safe and confident to be here caring for our residents during and after the storm.

  • Make sure you prepare your homes with enough food and supplies to outlast the storm.
  • Check your prescription medication and prepare for pet supplies as needed
  • Fill your cars gas tanks
  • Stay tuned to the weather updates to be prepared
  • Make sure your pets have supplies
  • Monitor school delays and closings to allow you to make alternative arrangements

If you are scheduled to work during the storm, we would like you to report to work ahead of time so that you are not caught off guard by the storm or potential road closures.


For staff members sheltering at John Knox during the storm, please bring with you to work anything you would need to stay for up to three days.  This includes:

  • Clothing
  • Personal supplies (toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush/tooth paste, feminine hygiene, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shelf stable food and water for 3 days
  • Medication
  • Cell phones/chargers
  • Additional batteries for personal devices
  • Towels


We ask that staff continue to monitor and Facebook for community and staffing updates.