Independent Living General Visitation Guidelines

Visitation to independent living residents by guests residing outside of JKV will begin on October 1, 2020.

Prior to visiting JKV, all general visitors must review our visitation video featured below.

Visitation with our independent living residents will be allowed in a resident’s home or in a designated outside area.

Visitors will not be allowed in any common area or dining venue at this time.

Residents and guests should wear personal protective equipment (mask) that meet CDC guidelines during the visit and ensure that proper cleaning and disinfecting takes place before and after the visit.

All visitors will be screened at Gate House 1 prior to entering the village. Residents are to complete and submit the JKV General Visitor Screening form which designates up to 5 visitors. The form is posted to the JKV resident portal, is available at the Barker Center and can be found here.

Visitation can occur between 9 am and 9 pm daily. No more than 2 visitors will be allowed in each home at one time. There will be no overnight guests at this time.

JKV reserves the right to revoke visitation should that become necessary.