An Inspired Career Path

Lanza was born in Portland, Jamaica, but he has been in the U.S. for quite a while. In fact, he attended Southwestern Middle as well as DeLand High School. He knew he wanted to be a medic while in high school. It was during a school lunch break, that Lanza witnessed his younger sister having a heatstroke and passed out. The local paramedics showed up and gingerly took care of her. From what he can remember, the paramedics that looked after her were amazing and inspired his career path.

Lanza has worked as an EMT as well as a paramedic. In these rolls he has worked Emergency Medical Response (EMS), hospital emergency room, urgent care, and community paramedic, with Florida State Emergency Response Team. Under general supervision, he has performed skilled and technical work in EMS. He functioned alone and as a member of a healthcare team providing assessment and care to patients with chronic medical conditions, trauma, prenatal, and behavioral problems. He is able to identify patients needs and assist in connecting patients with available community and medical resources, as well as provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) on the ambulance. Lanza takes pride in providing skilled professional and compassionate emergency medical service to the community.

As a member of our JKV Emergency Response Team, his values are integrity, excellence, community, patient advocacy and professionalism.