JKV Continues Commitment to Health and Safety

Dear John Knox Village of Central Florida Friends and Family:

As we head in to our sixth month since the Coronavirus altered the way we work, live and socialize with one another, John Knox Village of Central Florida continues our efforts in protecting the health and safety of our residents and dedicated staff.

Our goal, each week, when we come together through our live television broadcast, on Knox TV, is to communicate openly with our residents and staff on where we as a community stand in shielding ourselves from a virus that has claimed too many lives and altered many more.

The statistics that we provide during the broadcast are largely provided from the Florida Department of Health. Additional data and guidance is sought from the Centers for Disease Control, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the World Health Organization and OurWorldinData.org.

By studying and understanding the data presented on these sites in conjunction with guidance from the State of Florida, we are able to make informed decisions on how and when we can safely open services to our residents as well as open our community to family and friends. For now, we will continue to limit access to the community.

In addition to the routine temperature checks and screening questions at our main security gates, John Knox Village routinely tests staff members on a bi-monthly basis in our assisted living and skilled nursing centers. Because we routinely screen and test staff members, over the course of the last several months we have learned of staff members testing positive for COVID-19. While recovering from the virus, these staff members isolate themselves from our community until it is confirmed that they can safely return to work. We are fortunate that all of our staff and residents are doing well.

Even though state and national guidelines are continuously changing, John Knox Village has elected to continue to follow the protocols we put in place in March. These include:

  • Temperature checks screening question upon entry to the community
  • Required facemasks by all staff and residents while in resident areas, in the presence of residents, when

        cooking and preparing food as well as when delivering food

  • Daily wellness checks via automated phone survey to all independent living residents
  • Bi-monthly COVID-19 testing of all staff in the assisted living and skilled nursing areas
  • Restricted access to only essential visitors
  • Encourage residents and staff to only make essential trips outside the community
  • Maintain social spacing of at least six feet
  • Dining and group activities limited based on CDC guidelines
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout high traffic areas and touch points

We look forward to once again welcoming friends and family to the Village. Thank you for staying in touch with your friends and loved ones who reside here. We encourage you to look for updates on any changes we may make to our protocols by visiting www.JohnKnox.com/news. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the community by emailing us at JKVLive@JohnKnox.com.

Thank you,

Joseph Trainor

Chief Administrative Officer