JKV Foundation Annual Meeting: Neighbor Helping Neighbor

By Shannon Finley

The annual meeting of the JKV Foundation was held on Wednesday, February 13 and was led by Chairperson Linda Kristofik.

The Foundation is governed by a nine-member voting board made up of three JKV residents, three members of the JKV board of directors and three members from the community. The three resident directors are Wes Beck, Andy McGhin and Linda Kristofik. Andy also serves as the Foundation’s treasurer. The three JKV board members are Dennis Stark, John Brim and Jeff Ritchey. Randy Ridgely and Anita Campbell currently serve as members from the community. Newly elected community member Greg LeFils joins the Board at the June meeting. In addition to these board members, residents Barbara Bradley serve as the Foundation’s secretary and Richard Dudley as the assistant to the treasurer.

Work has begun on improvements to the walkway between the Citrus apartment building and the Barker Center.

During the annual meeting, Andy McGhin provided the treasurer’s report along with a history of the Foundation. The JKV Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity which was established in 1992 to enhance the lives of our residents and provide for financial assistance for residents who have outlived their resources as well as funding village projects that benefit all residents. Gifts and testamentary bequests to the Foundation are deductible for income tax and estate tax purposes.

Some recent projects that were funded by the Foundation include the resident portal, an interactive computer system for Oak View Suites and Majestic Oaks, the benches which have been installed throughout the Village, and the new audiovisual system which was installed last year in the Barker Center.

The Foundation has a number of projects in the planning or bid stage. These projects include improvements to the walkway between the Citrus apartment building and the Barker Center, which will include a viewing platform overlooking Lake Fountain, a hearing-aid interface with the Barker Center’s audio system, and the renovation of the library.

More information on donating to the Foundation can be found in the Foundation’s Neighbor Helping Neighbor brochure. Copies of the brochure are distributed to new residents at Resident Support Group functions and to all residents at the annual meeting of the Foundation. In addition, anyone wishing to request a brochure may contact Chairperson, Linda Kristofik.

Contributions to the Foundation can be designated as financial assistance for residents who have outlived their resources or for specific activities such as the Spiritual Life Council, the library, the JKV Medical Auxiliary, the Rose Garden, the Hobby Shop, Village Friends and Visually Impaired Persons and Partners (VIPPS) or can become part of the general fund to benefit all village residents.

The Foundation also sponsors the Oak Tree Society, the Foundation Walk pavers program as well as the Tribute Book, all of which invite participation from our residents.


Previous Foundation projects include installing benches throughout the village

The Oak Tree Society, administered by Lori Brakeman, is a membership society of residents and friends organized for the purpose of financial support of the JKV Foundation. A single membership of $5.00 per individual or $10.00 per couple is made annually. Larger one-time gifts of $500 or more are recognized with lifetime membership as a Sponsor or Patron. A gift of $50,000 designates the donor as a Benefactor of the JKV Foundation. All Oak Tree Society members receive a golden acorn which can be worn on their Village name badges. The acorn is symbolic of small beginnings which grow to become great and lasting accomplishments.

The new audiovisual system was installed last year in the Barker Center courtesy of the Foundation (top). For a charitable gift you can have a message etched on a brick that will be added to the Foundation Walk (bottom).

The Foundation Walk, previously administered by Claudia and Ken Graham and currently chaired by Jeff and Kim Lary, is located behind the Barker Center and provides a place of peace and relaxation. To date, more than 250 pavers have been installed as memorials or to commemorate happy occasions. For a charitable gift of $100 you can have a message of your choice etched on a brick that will then be added to the Foundation Walk.

The third program that is sponsored by the Foundation is the Tribute Book, which is administered by Jean Crowley. The Tribute Book, located in the library, provides an opportunity to honor a departed loved one or friend. A gift of any size can be made.

The Foundation is working on scheduling Jeff Ritchey, JKV Board Member and Certified Financial Planner to speak at a future meeting.

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the State. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the State. Registration #CH2668.