News From the Mailman

A story of shared commonalities and histories from resident Dot Andres


My first week at John Knox Village was filled with new arrangements, new neighbors and new acquaintances. One of the first and friendliest persons was Bob Jones, the mailman. After a couple of weeks delivering packs of forwarded mail from New Jersey and Bouchelle Island, Bob Jones rang the doorbell, holding another stack of forwarded mail, and introduced himself. In the course of conversation, I learned that Bob was born and raised in northern New Jersey, not far from where I grew up and attended Lodi High School. ‘’Wow,” said Bob – “I think my parents went to Lodi High School.” I replied, “I think I knew them.”

Turns out Bob’s parents and I were in the same graduating class! I got out my ancient Lodi High School year book. Sure enough – there was Bob Jones and Joan Nefski – class couple.Bob, Sr. was the Lodi High football star and Joan, the cute cheerleader. Great couple and wonderful memories!

After getting married and raising their family in Passaic County, New Jersey, Bob Sr. and Joan moved south to Deltona, Florida. Bob and Joan returned to Lodi High School reunions every five years or so. I had last seen them at our 50th High School reunion. Bob Sr. has passed on but mom Joan still lives in Volusia County.

Each day I am reminded of my New Jersey roots when Bob, the mailman, comes by. What a friendly guy and what great memories he brings each day!