Rosemary Malocsay – Dynamo Violin Virtuoso

By Pat Warner

Rosemary gave her first recital at age eight wearing an outfit made by her pianist mother who started her on piano. Born in Miami, Oklahoma, Rosemary comes from a musical family. Of Hungarian descent, she said her name is properly pronounced “malo–cha-i.”

She began studying the violin when a local music store advertised 30 free violin lessons. Her parents sent for a small, fine violin from New York City and arranged for her to study in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Until she was 16, Rosemary was driven 200 miles round trip for lessons in Tulsa which she continued throughout high school. After high school, she attended the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, Missouri, where she earned her Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Performance. “My first job was with the Kansas City Philharmonic and I earned money playing concert, radio, and show ‘gigs’, all of which were great learning experiences. Summers, I studied with the renowned teacher and violinist, Josef Gingold.”

Rosemary took her first trip to New York City for an audition with the Baltimore Symphony, was hired, and gained more experience. “I was concerned that I might not be able to support myself performing and left the orchestra for an assistantship at the University of Illinois for educational credits. I accepted a teaching position in Ponca City, Oklahoma, planning to stay a year, but found the students’ progress so exciting that I remained. Also, I went for a year to Cambridge, England, on a teacher’s exchange before returning to Oklahoma.”

Rosemary received an invitation from Dr. Joseph Maddy to teach at the National Music Camp after he heard her students play. Later, Dr. Maddy opened the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, a high school winter boarding facility, where she remained year round. Rosemary taught violin, coached chamber music, and was the coordinator of strings for the academy. Besides teaching, Rosemary was busy performing as a member of the Interlochen String Quartet, The Little Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, the Northwood Orchestra, several Bach Festivals, and others.

Performing has taken Rosemary to many states across the U.S. from Carnegie Hall in New York to Alaska. She also has performed in Canada and the Dominican Republic. She said, “It has been an exciting and rewarding career and I have been privileged to play with many musicians. When I retired after 40 years at Interlochen, I taught at home, played golf and traveled without stress! When I met my longtime friend, educator, assistant principal, and real estate broker, Mary Jane Draper, we traveled all over the world starting in China. We started golfing in the 1950s and stopped in 1992.”

In 2007 they came to John Knox Villageand enjoyed swimming and golfing until Mary Jane became ill and was transferred to Majestic Oaks where Rosemary visits her every morning.

Rosemary is an enthusiastic four-andone- half foot dynamo who enjoyed performing in resident Jane Tedder’s Shows with the talented pianist, Nancy Rossbacher, and her husband John, a vocalist, and with Jake Beard, a flutist. She said, “Currently, I am delighted to play in the Tree Top Lounge on Thursday afternoons with my dear friend, the popular Phyllis Dale.” Upon request, Rosemary also performs in Oak View Suites Assisted Living. Her eyes sparkled when she mentioned intending to use her bowling ball and enjoying a Manhattan or glass of wine in the afternoon. Rosemary commented, “Good genes and a positive attitude are most important and I plan to be happy for every day is a new day!”