Safe At Home

Article and photos by Emma Nelson

The Corona virus pandemic, a challenge or an adventure? It’s a matter of attitude since “it too shall pass.”

Having built a new schedule of activities on campus and out of the Village this past year because of retirement and moving to John Knox Village, then I abruptly had that all change.

In the beginning, experimenting and creating different patterns of masks on the sewing machine for JKV and friends occupied some time.

The mind wandered during sorting, shredding and discarding of “stuff” which started me thinking of other activities.

I experimented again with photography, drawing, painting, playing musical instruments and catching up on reading, phone calls and sending out encouraging cards.

My name must have gotten around, because I was now doing consulting and some basic servicing of sewing machines.

Learning new “techniques” on electronic devices made many things possible to keep me connected spiritually. Going to church with YouTube, attending Bible Study Fellowship and our church Bible study on Zoom as well as participating in “prayer meeting” with friends on FaceTime were some of the new ways of doing things. I was invited to write a couple of articles for the church (now weekly) newsletter.

Emma Nelson experimented with photography and submitted a few photos to the JKV photography contest.

As the weeks progressed and spaces were allocated for gathering, Tai Chi, line dancing, tap dancing, and Talina’s Latin dance were now available for participation. Walking around the lake/neighborhood (the goal is 10,000 steps 5-6 days a week) and visiting Central Bark dog park were a couple of social activities which included animals.
One never knew who or what one would meet on outings. Even though vespers choir isn’t rehearsing, some members join together on Wednesday for ice cream near the Barker Center. When evening approached, TV and electronic devices could be diversions.

A big thanks to John Knox staff for keeping us safe and for thinking of activities to give variety to our day besides the usual “taking care of business.” Really appreciated the coffee pot station in the lobby. The mural and socialization were an additional perk to the day. Parades and Saturday flashlight salutes were fun also.