Say YES to Fitness

By Talina Hendrickson, Fitness Coordinator
Photos by Shannon Finley

Social distancing has taught us so much throughout the last few months. It has taught us how valuable our time, space, family and friends, and fitness activities are to our daily living. It has been so refreshing to see so many residents walking around the lake, attending classes, and riding their bikes around the Village. I am so pleased that many residents who have never taken my fitness classes are doing so in the comfort of their homes and reaching out with appreciation. It pleases me to know that I am reaching the Village in an impactful way, and residents are moving more every day. As we approach the upcoming phases, let us not take for granted what is always available at arms reach. Stop saying no, and try saying yes. One of my favorite quotes is by Michael Jordan. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Say yes, you will try an exercise class. Say yes to that walk around the lake. Say yes to balance and stretch. Say yes to seeing your family and friends, even if it is by phone or computer. Just say yes. We get so caught up and comfortable in saying no. If we have learned anything from all this, let it be the word, yes.

As I write this, we are all eagerly awaiting the reopening of the Fitness Center. Once open, we will still be utilizing the 10 and under class limit in order to continue the safety precautions we have been taking over the last several months. We have done a fantastic job keeping our Village safe and will continue to do so.

A resistance band has been provided for each active resident that attends classes held at the Pavilion. We appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this process. The fitness program would not be what it is today without each of you.

Together we will continue to get through this. Another day, another dumbbell; keep moving friends!