Sixty Years Later

By Evelyn Gilbert


Evelyn Gilbert and Lew Wise pictured at Miami Edison Senior High School prom.

In 1954, two young people discovered they lived just around the corner from each other in Miami, Florida. He was a senior at Miami Edison and she was a sophomore. They began to go to parties and other events and often went sailing in Biscayne Bay as he owned a small sailboat and lived on a canal. They were even featured in an article in the Miami Herald pertaining to a party they attended on a boat in the same bay. At the end of the semester, they attended his senior prom which was held at the University of Miami Student Union.

After he graduated, he went on to join the Coast Guard and she continued with her junior and senior years at Miami Edison. He eventually graduated from the University of Florida and she from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. In 1959, back home in Miami she married a boy from Oklahoma. He needed some ushers for the wedding, so the boy around the corner became an usher.

Flash forward to 2018. She had just returned from a trip and found she had a message from a lady asking if she had attended the same high school as her husband had attended in Miami. She looked at the Caller ID and was so surprised to see that the name was the boy around the corner. After almost 60 years they had reconnected at John Knox Village. By the way, the name of the boy is Lew Wise and the name of the girl is Evelyn Gilbert.