Thankful Day at JKV

By Mary Ellen Humphreys


John Knox Village residents expressed their THANKFUL spirit toward the wonderful employees of our Village community on Tuesday, November 22. During the annual appreciation day, residents showed the employees through

the magnificent walls of over 800 Thankful Cards expressing our gratitude for the hard work of the staff members. It culminated with the dispersal of the checks made possible by the generous giving by the Village Residents.

The Barker Center decorations for Employee Appreciation Day were nothing short of spectacular. The fall colors highlighted the decorated tables. The color-coordinated balloons added to the festive nature of the event and helped the flow for the employees.

Over 75 residents volunteered to make the day special. They all worked together to make the employees feel the caring and gratitude the residents have for the outstanding support the staff gives the JKV community.

The Employee Appreciation Fund Committee takes pride in the honored tradition of giving back to our employees. The committee uses its two main events, Masters Putting Tournament and JKV Corn Hole Tournament, to foster the Village’s awareness of the Fund and its goals.

Village residents should be proud of the $419,700 disbursed to the deserving employees of JKV, those whom we see and don’t see every day, and those who are there for us when we need them the most.

There were several attempts at photographing the EAF committee members and most were captured in the photo. The committee includes: Rita Brown, Jerry Herod, Wayne Ash, Mike Marks, Jean Marks, Donna Rieger, Ann Gillis, Sherry Clark, Mary Ellen Humphreys, Charlesana Bureau, Ann Miser, Elvira Wolford, and Ed Groel.