Village Update 1/19/2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic:

As a reminder-COVID vaccinations are scheduled for Thursday through Saturday of this week. The schedule provides two resident names in each time block.  If your last name falls between those two names you are scheduled at that time. 

Additionally, we were notified by Walgreens that they will be providing shortened hours on Saturday.  As a result, we are moving the afternoon appointments to similar times on Thursday or Friday. You should have already been contacted with a new appointment time.   

Option 1, Option 2 and quarantined residents will have simultaneous appointments.  We will practice appropriate social distancing for the check in and administration process. 

There will be separate waiting areas for Option 1 residents or residents who have a current quarantine status after their vaccination. 

We have over 600 scheduled vaccinations. Your patience in getting this accomplished in the time allotted is greatly appreciated. 

A schedule of resident vaccination times is posted to the portal and is available for review at the gift shop.   

Should you have any questions about your appointment time, please call Administration or Nicole at the following extensions:

Ext 0

Ext 1021

Ext 1022

Ext 1028

Residents will need to bring their driver’s license or state issued ID and insurance card with them to the vaccination clinic. Residents will be required to wear a mask. The vaccine is administered into the upper arm, so please ensure that you are wearing clothing that is accessible. All residents being vaccinated will be required to stay at the vaccination clinic for a period of 15 minutes for observation.

We are scheduled to receive the Pfizer vaccine. All participants will receive an immunization card and will be given the date for the second dose. Follow up vaccination will take place February 11 through 13 and March 4 through 6. You will need to complete the Vaccine Administration Record Informed Consent form again prior to the second dose.

It is critical, if you are not feeling well for any reason, or if you suspect that you have come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 to please contact the resident nurse immediately at extension 1407, the gatehouse, or use your pull cord.