Village Update: February 12, 2021

Save the date! Marketing will be hosting open houses for the apartments on March 8, 10 and 12. The tours are by appointment only and are limited to four guests at a time. Residents that are interested in seeing the apartments can sign up on the Portal for a specific time slot, or call marketing at 775-0788.

Be sure to tune in to the next Coffee With on February 24. Connie Lloyd will be reviewing the Life Care Program. You will be able to call, text or email your questions.

Have you signed up for the Strong Minds, Strong Hearts JKV Fitness 5k walk? Join Talina and her JKV Fitness Residents on Tuesday, February 16 for an intra-village, mild, 5k walk starting at Oak Park. Sign up on the portal or in the fitness center. Call Talina at extension 1250 for more information.

COVID-19 Community Update:

  •   Volusia County Positivity Rate – 9.83%
  •   Testing at Majestic Oaks is twice per week
  •   Currently have 0 residents positive for COVID-19 in isolation
  •   Currently 0 residents hospitalized related to COVID -19
  •   Currently 10 residents potentially exposed to COVID-19 in quarantine
  •   Currently 0 residents have passed due to COVID-19 since our last update
  •   Currently 0 employees have tested positive
  •   Currently 3 employees potentially exposed to COVID-19 in quarantine/leave

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic:

You may experience side effects from the second dose of the vaccine including fever, chills, tiredness or body aches. For more information on what to expect after getting your second dose of the vaccine, visit the COVID-19 page on the portal or see the attached from the CDC.

If you experience prolonged side effects from the vaccine, please contact the resident nurse at extension 1407.