Village Update: February 18, 2022

The Volusia County Positivity Rate was 18.0% for the week ending February 10.


COVID-19 Dashboard:

Independent Living:

  • We have 0 resident that are hospitalized related to COVID-19 (IL resident)
  • We currently have 2 residents positive for COVID-19 in isolation in independent living
  • We currently have 6 resident in quarantine in Independent Living

Health Care:

  • We have 0 residents positive for COVID-19 in isolation at MO
  • We currently have 12 residents in quarantine at MO
  • We currently have 0 resident at OV on isolation
  • We current have 0 resident(s) in quarantine at OV


  • We currently have 3 employees that have tested positive
    • 2 Healthcare
    • 0 Healthcare support ( non –direct care)
    • 1 Non Healthcare
  • We currently have 1 employees potentially exposed to COVID-19 in quarantine/ on leave


If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, even those that you believe to be allergies, we ask that you quarantine yourself to your home. If you are not feeling well for any reason, contact the resident nurse at extension 1407.


Community Updates:

  • R&R Roofing will commence the roofing work on Monday, February 21 along Majestic Oaks Court and Southlake Drive. The work take approximately one week to complete. Look for updates in upcoming Village Alerts as work progresses throughout the Village.
  • We anticipate reopening the Village the week of April 4. Visitors will once again be welcomed in common areas and dining venues when we reopen.
  • Residents are currently not required to wear a mask around campus unless visiting the salad bars. Masks may be requested at some events and activities.


Events and Activities:

  • Tennis and pickleball courts will be open on Wednesday, February 23. A signup sheet is available in the Valencia Landing Clubhouse lobby to reserve a court time. Court times will run 90 minutes.
  • The poker group is looking for new players (men and women). The group plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m. in the Potpourri Corner.
  • Interested in ballroom dance classes? Contact Talina to find out more information on the classes coming to Valencia Landing.