Village Update – July 30, 2020

Protective Actions Taken

Coronavirus Update

July 30, 2020 4:00 p.m.

Village-Wide Updates:

Hurricane Preparations

John Knox Village of Central Florida is monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias in anticipation of it making landfall over Central Florida this weekend. We have activated our disaster plan and are making preparations to shelter in place.

Updates will be posted to the portal, Knox TV, the Village Weekly,, Facebook as well as through VOLO messaging.

Strobe lights are being distributed to each cottage and villa, today, July 30.  If you do not receive one, please contact facilities at 775-3840 ext 3010.

Please contact Oak Park Pharmacy to refill any prescription medications you might need. It is recommended that you have a minimum two-week supply of all your prescription medications.

See additional hurricane preparation information attached.

2020 Elections

Primary elections will be held on Tuesday, August 18 in Florida. It is strongly recommended to vote by mail. You can request a vote-by-mail ballot before August 8, 2020 by: also provides helpful videos on the vote-by-mail ballot as well as sample ballots. Requests for vote-by-mail ballots may be made in person, by mail, phone, fax, email, or online.  If a voter decides to vote at their precinct or at an Early Voting Site, the vote-by-mail ballot may be taken with them to be turned in and cancelled.  A replacement ballot will be issued.

Visitation outside and inside the Village:

For residents that would like to voluntarily display their choice of option 1 or option 2, signs will be included in this week’s Village Weekly for residents to hang in windows or on doors. Display of the signs is voluntary.

If you are not feeling well, regardless of the symptoms, please contact the resident nurse at extension 1407. Also, contact us when:

  • You tested positive for COVID-19 – immediate quarantine until two consecutive negative tests
  • You have had exposure to someone who has test positive – Immediate quarantine until test results are received
  • You have had exposure to someone who has had exposure to someone who had tested positive – Immediate quarantine until tests results received
  • Your physician or other practitioner sends you for a test – immediate quarantine until test results received.
  • You elect to be tested – immediate quarantine until test results received

Please continue to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid touching your face, and make sure to clean and wipe down frequently touched surfaces, and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet between you and others. All staff, care givers, vendors, and residents should wear a mask when in resident areas as well as when you are in the same area as other residents. The mask should cover your mouth and your nose at all times.

2020 Census

Have you completed your Census yet? If not, it only takes a few minutes to complete and you don’t need a code. You can respond by using a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet today if you haven’t done so already by going to

You also have the option of completing the questionnaire by phone. To begin, call 844-330-2020.