Village Update May 29, 2020


Protective Actions Taken

Coronavirus Update

May 29, 2020 12:00 p.m.


Village-Wide Updates:

Last evening we were notified of one staff member testing positive for COVID-19.  This employee has had exposure to staff, but does not have exposure to residents.

Additionally, we were notified of a presumed positive staff member that has had exposure to residents and staff. This staff member does not provide direct care to residents and wore a mask during all activities while in assisted living as do all of our staff.

At this time, we have no other staff or residents displaying signs or symptoms of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor all residents and staff throughout the next 10 days.

We have notified the local health department and will take further action as required.

We continue the process of retracing the contact these employees have had with others and those employees will be self-isolating until we can confirm that they are healthy.

Additionally, we have no alternative but to roll back the opening of the beauty shop, fitness center, pool and library until further notice. These areas will be closed for the next week.

As a precaution, we are requesting all residents self-isolate for the next 7-10 days starting today.

What does self-isolation mean?

  • We ask you only leave the Village under the following circumstances while taking proper precautions of wearing a mask, social spacing and using alcohol gel to cleanse your hands.
    • Scheduled doctor’s appointments
    • Medical necessity
    • Shopping for groceries
  • There should be no events which would not allow you to maintain social spacing. This includes:
    • Refraining from playing cards or other activities with neighbors or other residents where you are unable to maintain appropriate social spacing of at least six feet apart.
    • No visiting other people’s homes.
  • The Scoop will remain open. No more than 10 people should be in the Scoop at a given time. Please maintain social spacing while in the Scoop.
  • Meals will continue as is with ordering and pick up at designated times.
  • Volunteers will continue to deliver The Village Weekly and must wear a mask.

What other daily activities can I do?

  • You may go out for a walk, walk your dog, ride bikes, and exercise, however you must maintain appropriate social distancing/social spacing.
  • Meet with other residents if you are six feet apart and wear a mask
  • Utilize the Pavilion and Sportsplex as long as you are able to maintain appropriate social distancing/social spacing.


We will continue our aggressive cleaning and disinfecting practices that were in place prior to this notification.

We ask that you pay close attention to subtle changes in your condition.  Any subtle changes need to be reported to the resident nurse at extension 1407.

Do not go out and expose yourself to other people. The most common reported conditions are a headache, cough, fever, and shortness of breath.

Please respond to the VOLO wellness checks. If you do not respond we will call and/or send someone to check on you.


If you would like to be tested there is a local test site located at:

University High School

1000 W. Rhode Island Ave. in Orange City.

The site will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or until kits are gone.

Appointments are not required and testing is free.



Please continue to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid touching your face, make sure to clean and wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Please continue to maintain a safe spacing of 6 feet between you and others, stay away from large groups of people and be respectful of other people’s space when walking or riding bikes around the lake.