Village Update – September 10, 2020

Protective Actions Taken

September 10, 2020 4:00 p.m.

Village-Wide Updates:

There will be a fire alarm inspection by Giles Electric happening today through Friday September 11. On Friday, when the fire alarms are tested, the alarm sirens will be heard in the A, B and C buildings.

On Friday, September 11, Biometric Utility will be on site to flush JKVs hydrants throughout the village. The hydrants will be flushed starting at 9 a.m. During this time, you may experience the water changing colors. If you experience a change in water color, please keep running your water until it runs clear.

Flu Shots

The Flu Vaccination Clinics will begin Tuesday, September 15. Signup times will be posted. The CDC recommends everyone is vaccinated prior to the end of October. We will be administering the FLUAD vaccine which is an inactivated vaccine which includes an additive that improves the body’s immune response. FLUAD is approved for people over the age of 65. In addition to influenza vaccination, we will continue to provide pneumonia vaccines as needed. Pneumonia Vaccines are offered now as a series of two vaccines after the age of 65. 


SH Cranes and Oak Tree Grill continues to serve at 50% capacity with reservation times from noon until 6 p.m at SH Cranes. Advance reservations or “call ahead” on the day of service for either location by calling ext. 1307. A few tables of six have been added to both locations.

Pre-order (delivery) pizzas will be available last Thursday and Friday of each month. Watch KnoxTV, Portal and Village Weekly for additional promos and other “dine in” only specials.

Please continue to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid touching your face, and make sure to clean and wipe down frequently touched surfaces, and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet between you and others.