On the Waitlist While Social Distancing? Here’s What to Do While You Wait for Senior Living

Looking forward to being able to move to a senior living community? Now’s the time to do your research and get on the waitlist so you’re fully prepared. Social distancing doesn’t have to keep you from making progress with your move. You can still work with a Retirement Counselor by phone and email. They’ll answer all your questions and may even give you a virtual tour. Here are some things you can do to pass the time and be productive while you bite your nails and drum your fingers in anticipation of one of the most important moves of your life.

Downsize Your Stuff to Make the Move Easier

You might find yourself with some extra time on your hands while everyone is sheltering in place. Now is a great time to start sorting through your belongings and deciding what goes and what stays. This process can take a while (longer than you might expect!), so it helps to get a head start, but it can be fun. It’s a great opportunity for you and your partner to reminisce, make decisions together, and bond. Read our Downsizing Tips for Seniors post for a few pointers on how to do it right. With less stuff attached to your name, moving is easier, and your life is simpler.

Research Senior Living Tax Deductions and Start Planning for Your Next Fiscal Year

That’s right, you can get a tax break by moving into senior living. For instance, if you enter into a Life Care contract and/or pay an entrance fee when you first move in, which is usually the heftiest sum you’ll have to pay during your time in senior living, a portion of those costs are widely considered tax-exempt, because they help cover the cost of long-term health care. Your monthly service fees may qualify for the same tax deduction, depending on your contract. Use this time to consult with your tax adviser and/or financial adviser to find out what you’re eligible for. Then use that information to determine how that will affect your finances from here on out. Start planning your vacations, or figure out how much you’ll leave to your estate and where/to whom that money will go.

Play Interior Designer

You have the fun opportunity and challenge to design and decorate a new space, likely smaller than the residence you’re moving from, but full of potential to really make the space yours. If you don’t know where to start, check out our Tips for Decorating Your Apartment. If you’re on the John Knox Village of Central Florida waitlist, our move-in coordinator is available to help you choose the finishes and furnishings of your new home in our community.

Get Excited by Making a List of Things You’ll Do Once You Move In

With your residence at a senior living community comes a plethora of activities, events and social engagements curated for your enjoyment. The community will provide learning opportunities, group exercise classes, happy hours, planned excursions outside the community, and more. While we may not be able to participate in these sorts of activities while we’re social distancing, you can check out what the community offers and look forward to all you’ll get involved in once you’re able to. Take a gander at the community’s activities calendar, which is often posted on their website and updated regularly. These activities are thoughtfully planned with a senior’s wants and needs in mind, which is a benefit of living in a community of people similar in age to you.

Attend Community Events for Waitlist People

Some communities host special events for waitlisters to keep them engaged with the community while waiting for their preferred residence to become available. While you may not be able to attend events at the moment, check to see if the community you’re interested in offers this. Once you’re able to attend community events while on the waitlist, you can start experiencing the community’s lifestyle and make friends with current residents before you even move in.

Start Exploring Your New Neighborhood

If you’re within driving distance, cruise around the neighborhood to see what’s near your future home. Where’s the nearest grocery store? Shopping center? Movie theater? If you’re not within driving distance, use Google and Yelp to search for what’s in the area. Start to envision what your days will look like, where you’ll go for coffee or drinks with a friend, a night on the town, a day in the park, or a nice dinner out. Maybe even make a list of all the places you want to explore.

If you’re interested in moving to John Knox Village of Central Florida, but your perfect residence isn’t currently available, talk to us about joining our waitlist. Sheltering in place doesn’t have to put your search for senior living on hold. Retirement Counselors are available to answer your questions by phone and email. They can even set up virtual tours of the community.