You Can Put a Price On Love

Shared by Pat Collins

As a child, I often heard my elders say: “You can’t put a price on love.” They were wrong! You can put a price on love – it’s $1,000 a head. I lived in Orange County, Florida and my future husband lived in Volusia – destined never to meet. But we both were tired of the dating scene, and we unknowingly signed up with the same dating service in Altamonte Springs. This was before computers and online dating. They took our money ($1,000 for signing up) and promised a licensed psychiatrist would review our questionnaire regarding our perfect mate and match us up. Instead they sent us each a stack of photos with phone numbers. Not exactly scientific but in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.

Glenn Foreman and Pat Collins were married 31 years ago on board the Rivership “Romance”.

Glenn called me and we arranged to meet at a pub. Before we got around to ordering, we’d spent half the evening talking.

Glenn lit up a cigarette and offered me one. I said, “I don’t smoke” and he gave up cigarettes on the spot.

We dated about three months and were married by the captain of the Rivership “Romance” on the
Saint Johns River.

We’ve gone through a lot together with his kids and my elderly parents, but together we took care of them all; and we are now the proud parents of a cat named Rowdie.

We’ve been married 31 years and still going strong. But I still can’t get him to change his last name!