Senior Living Testimonials

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Residents are just like you, real people with a craving for a carefree place to call home. Hear how they’re loving life at John Knox Village, and what they value most about the community.

Say hello to Rita.

“It was the beautifully maintained grounds that attracted me, along with the flexible dining choices and all levels of care available.”

“My advice is to move here before you need to! You can enjoy the freedom from maintenance, and participate in the many activities right on campus.”

“The employees are wonderful, caring and always willing to go out of their way to help.”

Meet David.

“I’d say move in as soon as possible, so you can have the most time for the most enjoyment.”

“John Knox Village has a beautiful and serene wooded country village atmosphere, and the residents are active and friendly. I was amazed at how young many residents looked for their age.”

Share a smile with Miles.

“The social life is the single most outstanding thing about John Knox Village. I enjoy participating in community gardening, the Resident Portal Help Team, ping pong and the trivia contest. I also regularly listen to the Tree Top Lounge Trio, and take the community trips to local concerts and plays in the city. There’s so much to do here — and it’s such a beautiful place.”

Sit down with Dottie.

“They do everything to keep us well. Spiritually as well as physically. John Knox Village has met every expectation. Don’t wait. Come when you can enjoy all the activities available. It adds so much to your quality of life.”

Listen to Wes.

“Singing is a big part of my life. I joined the Vespers Choir immediately upon coming here and have become very involved. I particularly enjoy singing at Majestic Oaks — it’s a pleasure to be a part of bringing good music to an appreciative audience.”

“My advice is, don’t wait too long to move. Come while you’re still able to be involved in the numerous activities and volunteer options.”

“John Knox Village is very, very wonderful — and that’s a fact!”

Hang out with Nate.

“We have a young outlook here. It’s opened my eyes because I can try new things that come out in the bulletin, and it’s certainly making me feel younger. The environment is so exciting and stimulating. After I got here, and liked it so well, I was very eager to tell as many people as I saw, “Hey, don’t wait.”’

See John & Katherine.

“Driving in, you’re suddenly in another world. The people are either walking or doing something. And you can pick and choose. You do what you want to do.”

“The idea is to spend your senior years having a good time — and you can do that here.”

Have a chat with Pat.

“The first day I walked into my cottage, the carpets had been vacuumed, the dusting done, and the floors mopped. I put my hand up and said, “Yes!” I think once people decide to come here, they’re delighted.”

“I don’t know if there’s any other CCRC where there are four restaurants to choose from. The nice part about going to dinner here is that you’re on a meal plan. You just go and sign your meal check … it’s easy. It’s easy fun!”

Greet Richard & Doris.

“I didn’t come here until I was 77 years old, and I’m sorry I didn’t come 10 years earlier. I mean, to enjoy this place you come earlier, because there’s so much to do. It’s just a wonderful place to live.”

“It’s really a carefree life. They have doctors here and they have all kinds of nurses on staff. It’s just the perfect set-up. And no more maintenance. I don’t have to worry about the roof or any yardwork. I can work in my little spot of gardening as much as I want — that’s it.”

“When they say it’s a great life at John Knox, it is. It’s a great life.”

Shake hands with Bill.

“Most people wait too long. I investigated 25 different places over a six-month period. And believe me, this is an outstanding place. And it’s in a good financial position. It’s a very easy lifestyle. You do just what you want.”

Even our team members can’t stop gushing.

Hear a story from Connie.

“When you drive onto this campus, you immediately notice the friendliness. My mother spent three-and-a-half years in John Knox Village skilled nursing, and the care she received was indescribably comforting to both of us. I know that she was taken care of in such a wonderful, warm, caring way.”