Senior Wellness

Feel good. Live long.

We like making new friends.

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It’s no secret that lifestyle choices contribute to longevity and successful aging with dignity. To maintain an overall zest for living, the one thing you can do is … everything. At John Knox Village, we offer just that, with 7 dimensions of wellness:

  • Physical – Mobility, balance, activity and diet
  • Intellectual – Brain fitness, discussion groups, book clubs, games
  • Social – Engagement, cooperation and fun
  • Spiritual – Peace and faith, supported by a full-time chaplain and vespers choir
  • Emotional – Belonging, contentment and stability
  • Financial – Security and independence
  • Community – An inherent appreciation for everyone’s unique character

Stretch your mind.

Our lifelong learning programs get rave reviews from residents. Take a class on a subject you’ve always wondered about. Or share your talents – our Brain Fitness Program features residents-as-teachers in a range of topics. The goal is to stay sharp, stimulate memory and hone critical-thinking skills.

Flex your body.

Take part in vigorous programs with a trainer or low-impact Tai Chi, under the guidance of a master instructor.

Aqua aerobics and water games are exhilarating and a splashy hoot. Or simply step out your door and enjoy the walking paths and tree-lined neighborhoods. There’s even a 1,000-Mile Club – a group of residents who walk 1,000 miles in a year. You’re welcome to join them.

Stoke your social life.

Life at John Knox Village is built for human connections. There are limitless opportunities to meet new people through organized events, at meal times, and simply by living in a social community. If you don’t already have a friend here, you will soon.

To learn more about our wellness programs, give us a call at 1-800-344-4504.