A Place to Call Home

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After much anticipation as well as a few delays, John Knox Village began scheduling moves to the first phase of Valencia Landing starting with Joe and Suzy Rudolph on July 20. More residents moved to Phase One shortly after.

The Rudolphs may look familiar to many here at John Knox Village as it has only been seven years since Joe retired as Associate Executive Director/Interim Executive Director for the Village in 2015.

Over the course of his 26 years of service to the Village, Joe oversaw the construction of much of what you see on campus today. Originally hired to oversee the conversion and renovation of the garden cottages from their original flat roof facade as well as updating the apartments, this 10-year project would eventually lead to other Village improvement plans, which included the construction of the picnic pavilion, the remodeling of the Sand Hill Cranes from the original cafeteria-style venue, the construction of the Activities Center (now known as the Barker Center), the addition of the very first Silverstone Villas, which then led to the addition of Holly Branch. In 1995, he assumed responsibility for the Village’s marketing efforts in addition to construction projects.

With the completion of Holly Branch, Joe was also involved in the early planning for what would become his future home at Valencia Landing, working with Joe Trainor on the initial Villa design and site plans and hiring the site developer.

When asked about the most memorable project he had the opportunity to work on at John Knox Village, the answer was quick – supervising the construction of Majestic Oaks and the conversion of the previous medical center to Oak View Suites.
The decision to move to John Knox Village was 30-plus years in the making. Suzy knew right away when Joe was hired to work for JKV that eventually they would be living here. Knowing that there was the built-in support of neighbors and close friends around should they need it, made the decision to move to John Knox Village an easy one.

Suzy, a retired registered nurse who has worked with patients from infants to those needing hospice care, has experienced the great care provided to both of her parents who were residents of Oak View Suites and Majestic Oaks. Joe’s mom was also a resident of Majestic Oaks for three years.

The Rudolphs are high school sweethearts who met while living in Cocoa Beach in the 1960s. The couple moved to West Volusia in 1973 after selling the Dairy Queen/Brazier franchise they owned in Cocoa Beach.

From 1976 through 1991, Rudolph Construction specialized in new construction as well as residential remodeling and commercial construction. Joe and Suzy have three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. They moved to Valencia Landing with their yellow Labrador, Bella.

Besides not cooking, Suzy loves to play tennis, bike riding, quilting, bible studies and travel. They are both looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying all of the activities, good food and fellowship the Village has to offer.