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Village Update – June 11, 2021

  COVID-19 Community Update: Volusia County Positivity Rate Ending 6.03.2021– 5.2% Testing at Majestic Oaks is once per week Currently have 0 residents positive for COVID-19 in isolation Currently 0 residents are hospitalized related to COVID -19 Currently 0 residents potentially exposed to COVID-19 in quarantine Currently have 0 residents have passed due to COVID-19 …

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Village Update – May 28

COVID-19 Community Update: The Volusia County Positivity rate is currently 6.63% We have 0 residents positive for COVID-19 in isolation We have 0 residents that are hospitalized related to COVID-19 We currently have 0 residents potentially exposed to COVID-19 in quarantine We have had 0 residents pass away due to COVID-19 since our last update …

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Emergency Prepared!

In the event of an emergency like a natural disaster, technological disaster or human created event, John Knox Village of Central Florida is prepared. Our emergency preparedness plan follows all state and local requirements and details the most possible scenarios. Some of the equipment and supplies we keep on hand in anticipation of an event …

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Born to Grill

Summer time will soon be upon us. Recently our marketing department held a picnic on the front lawn of their office and invited prospective residents to join them for lunch and a tour. The event inspired our culinary team to break open the cookbooks to discover new takes on traditional meals that we can prepare …

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Making an American Quilt

By Joanne Psyk As early as I can remember my mother had a magical way with fabric. I watched her every move. She taught me much about sewing since she was an artist with a needle. I wanted to carry on this tradition, but I was interested in 3D. About 20 tears ago we visited …

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A Portable Garden

By Louise Caccamise Foster City, California, in the San Francisco Bay area, was where Ruth Trask used to grow lemon and orange trees in her yard. When she moved to John Knox Village in Orange City to be near relatives, she brought her love of gardeningwith her. Ruth has proved that it really does not …

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Exercise, Chicken Soup for the Soul

By Talina Hendrickson, Fitness Coordinator According to an article published by the Mayo Clinic, both anxiety and depression can be improved simply by exercising. For many people who suffer from depression, putting on exercise clothes and working out are probably the last thing they want to do. No one knows for sure why depression and …

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To Pass or Not to Pass?

By Rick Larkin For many seniors, the game of bridge is an enjoyable pastime. It promotes an engaging social atmosphere while, as several scientific studies have shown, improving brain function. Research done by various medical providers has noted that regular bridge players have good, consistent recall of played cards and a grasp of complex stratagems …

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You Can Put a Price On Love

Shared by Pat Collins As a child, I often heard my elders say: “You can’t put a price on love.” They were wrong! You can put a price on love – it’s $1,000 a head. I lived in Orange County, Florida and my future husband lived in Volusia – destined never to meet. But we …

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Village Update – February 19, 2021

Village Update: Be sure to tune in to the next Coffee With on Wednesday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. Connie Lloyd will be reviewing the Life Care Program. You will be able to call, text or email your questions. The next Morning Chat with Joe Trainor will be on Thursday, February 25 at 9:30 a.m. …

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