Blue Sky Birthday for Glendine

| John Knox News

Article and photos by Shannon Finley

January 2 could not have been a better day to celebrate a birthday, let alone a milestone birthday. Clear blue skies provided the perfect backdrop to watch Oak View Suites Assisted Living resident, Glendine Hamilton, make her fourth life-time jump.

Hamilton, a resident of John Knox Village since February 2003, made her first jump when she was in her eighties, alongside Chet, her husband of sixty-three years.

When asked why she wanted to jump out of an airplane for her 100th birthday, Glendine’s response was simple, “Because I wanted to.” Glendine also expressed her desire to show others that it was possible.

Surrounded by friends and neighbors, those on the ground were every bit as excited to live vicariously through this fierce woman and to help her celebrate her big day.

When asked about the crowd of loved ones in attendance to watch her jump, Glendine stated, “I hope I get to hug them all.”