Top 3 Benefits of Moving Into a Life Plan Community

| Living at John Knox

Retirement isn’t just the next phase of life after your professional career—it’s an opportunity to redefine your lifestyle. After years of hard work, it’s important to think about how you want to spend your time. You finally have the freedom to pursue bucket list adventures, invest in hobbies, and enjoy family and friends. But many retirees grapple with the challenges of maintaining their home, accessing medical care and finding adequate social activities. If you’re exploring retirement options, the advantages of a Life Plan Community like John Knox Village of Central Florida can ensure your time truly becomes your own.

If you haven’t already explored the option, this is a great time to consider thebenefits of Life Plan Communities like John Knox Village of Central Florida.   

Life Plan Communities combine the fun and convenience of an independent living retirement community with the peace of mind that comes with affordable access to a full continuum of healthcare services should your needs ever change. And that’s just the beginning. Here are three of the biggest benefits of moving to a Life Plan Community like John Knox Village of Central Florida:  

Embarking on a new chapter in life can be daunting, but living in a Life Plan Community provides countless opportunities to stay active, engaged and social. From the moment you arrive at John Knox Village, our Village Friends are here to make you feel comfortable and welcome. 

You’ll also find a wide range of clubs, organizations and scheduled events on campus that take advantage of our world-class amenities. You can have all of this while you form meaningful relationships with neighbors who are in a similar place in life. Build something interesting in the woodshop. Play some pickleball. Grab coffee or a meal with a neighbor in one of our five delicious on-campus dining venues or check out one of the local attractions with a group—your options are limitless, including: 

  • Continuing education classes
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Art programs
  • And more

Whatever activity you choose, it’s easy to get involved in the community and connect with others. Socialization can help you feel more balanced, fulfilled and happy. After all, it’s the relationships we cultivate that truly enrich our lives. 

At John Knox Village of Central Florida, you’ll never have to worry about doing yard work, managing utilities, cleaning your house or even changing the smoke alarm batteries—all maintenance and repairs are handled by our friendly, professional staff and covered in your monthly fee. That fee also covers access to our world-class amenities, five delicious on-campus dining options and more, including:   

  • Transportation services 
  • Security services 
  • On-site pharmacy 

Thanks to our on-site team members who are ready to address any issues within your meticulously designed residence, you’ll experience both freedom and peace of mind. Maintenance-free living allows you to spend time connecting with friends and family, pursuing your passions, traveling without concerns and simply relaxing. 

No one can predict the future, but one of the many benefits of Life Plan Communities is peace of mind. At John Knox Village, you can age in place knowing that a full continuum of high-quality care services is available on campus should you need it, including: 

  • Assisted living 
  • Memory care 
  • Skilled nursing 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Home healthcare 

Even better, predictable costs associated with a Life Care contract provide financial security and protection against rising healthcare expenses. Your family can rest easy knowing you’ll be supported and your financial resources won’t be depleted. 

There’s only one way to find out. Our friendly senior living experts can help answer questions about Life Plan Communities like “What are some things to consider before moving to a Life Plan Community?”, “What’s the difference between a Life Plan Community and a continuing care retirement community?” and more. To learn more about John Knox Village of Central Florida or to schedule a personal visit, call (386) 775-0788 today.