Two Feet, Four Feet, One Community: Residents’ Pets Are Welcome!

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You may have heard of New York City’s Central Park, but at John Knox Village of Central Florida it’s Central Bark that gets our tails wagging. Here, we take our furry friendships to a whole new level. We’re not your typical pet-friendly retirement community. No, we’re passionate about our four-legged companions because they bring us happiness and good health. 

There are roughly 800 two-footed residents of our community (not counting the sandhill cranes and other avian residents who pass through seasonally) and 152 four-footed ones! Looking at those numbers you could say we’re just as firmly committed to welcoming our residents’ pets as we are to the residents themselves. But why?

The American Humane Society champions the health benefits of pet ownership for seniors. “Scientific research has demonstrated the link between human-animal interaction and healthy aging,” notes the organization. The site goes on to relate that seniors who live with a pet often see a decrease in their blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. On the emotional side, living with a pet can help relieve loneliness, anxiety and stress. These benefits taken together may explain why more than half of Americans over 50 have at least one pet.

We’re human-friendly, too

If having a pet is therapeutic, so is everyday life at John Knox Village. Our splendid 200-acre campus is dotted with freshwater lakes, clusters of mature palms and stately live oaks draped in Spanish moss. Walking trails and paths weave through the community. Classes, clubs, events, amenities and dining options abound.

Choose to become a resident and our Village Friends (Welcome Wagon Group) will help you feel right at home, where you’ll soon make new friends to share a laugh with in your modern, comfortable apartment, cottage or villa.

John Knox Village also excels at keeping residents healthy and active, because everything we offer is focused on their Physical, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial and Community wellness. We are true proponents of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. We say, “don’t just live, thrive,” which sums up our feelings about empowering each resident’s ongoing wellness.

Now, back to the pets!

Have you noticed that pet owners can’t stop talking about their furry friends? That’s because they really are part of the family, and for those who live alone, that loving pet may be their only family. If you can relate to that, just imagine the benefits of living among a big, extended family of folks who would be delighted to welcome both you and your pet.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Resident Barbara Brown claims, “Lucy Lou is my almost constant companion. I’m in an apartment and with her stroller she goes everywhere with me except dining venues. Everyone knows her and most make a fuss over her. Can’t imagine us living anywhere else.”

Our community really does offer many advantages to residents with pets, but support from the community goes even deeper. Events here often focus on our residents’ love for their pets, like the recent Tails & Treats Pet Party. Everyone dressed up their pups and enjoyed a howling good Halloween celebration! Food was served and fun was had by all the humans in attendance. Plus, there was a lot of tail-wagging—especially after the pups enjoyed their treats. 

Another special amenity for pets and pet owners alike is Central Bark, which is open year-round from sunup to sundown. This communal gathering place is within easy walking distance for everyone, close to the picnic pavilion and Lake Fountain. It’s very popular, and not just for the dogs!

We’re Here To Help

Working with our residents each day only reinforces how special life is at John Knox Village, and we want you to experience it, too. As you look for the ideal pet-friendly Central Florida retirement community, come see us. We’ll answer any questions you have and tell you more about why life is so good here for our two-footed and four-footed residents! Call us at 386-775-0788 today to start the conversation.