Resistance Training – Why Use Pneumatic Resistance?

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When the Valencia Landing Fitness Center opened in March, one of the highlights was the HUR pneumatic resistance fitness equipment which takes center stage in the room. The equipment utilizes an air compressor system to create a steady level of resistance for the user.

Whether you begin your exercise program at 40 or at 80, including resistance training in your fitness plan is an excellent way to counteract the age-related loss of muscles, improve strength and convert fat to muscle. Resistance training is an effective way to improve strength because it places demands on the body that help muscle fibers grow.

When planning the new fitness center at Valencia Landing, pneumatic resistance equipment was chosen instead of traditional resistance fitness equipment. The pneumatic equipment uses air compressors to create controlled resistance; traditional equipment uses stacks of weights and a pulley system to create resistance. Our new pneumatic equipment was chosen because it is easily adjusted by the user and is safer and more effective for older adults and those recovering from injuries.

Users of traditional resistance fitness equipment use their own inertia, acceleration, and friction to move the weights. This can cause the amount of force on the body to change throughout the movement. The uneven motion through the exercise can result in jerky movements and can cause strain on joints, causing pain or injury.

Users of pneumatic resistance equipment find they have greater control over their movements, resulting in the reduced risk of overextension which eliminates strain on the joints and connective tissues. Muscles contract against a constant load from start to finish. That prevents the user from building up momentum to lift the dead weight. Consistent resistance allows muscles and joints to maintain a steady level of activity.

The same HUR equipment purchased for Valencia Landing was also installed at the Oak Park Senior Services Outpatient Therapy Department to replace its original equipment. Knowing that the same equipment is used in both locations, residents who develop a therapy and fitness plan with Trung Bui, DPT, at Oak Park can continue with their plan at the Valencia Landing Fitness Center after therapy sessions are completed at Oak Park. They can continue to build strength and reduce the risk of falling or re-injury.