Living at John Knox

John Knox Village Residents Are Musical… Tell Me More

Residents of John Knox Village know how to carry a tune! Read More

For Two Dynamic Couples, Their John Knox Village Move Was Their Best Move

Meet the Bondurs and the Lanes, a pair of warm, energetic couples who made the right move to John Knox Village of Central Florida. Read More

SAVE UP TO $20,000

Hit PAUSE on whatever you’re doing right now and consider this: by signing up for one of our move-in-ready apartments or cottages, you’ll receive a credit of up to $20,000. Seriously. Up to $20,000. And don’t let this sit. The sooner you act, the sooner you could be enjoying the… Read More

Top 3 Benefits of Moving Into a Life Plan Community

Retirement isn’t just the next phase of life after your professional career—it’s an opportunity to redefine your lifestyle. After years of hard work, it’s important to think about how you want to spend your time. You finally have the freedom to pursue bucket list adventures, invest in hobbies, and enjoy… Read More

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

If you’re thinking about downsizing and moving to a senior apartment or retirement community in Central Florida or the Orange City area, you’re probably facing the question: What do I do with all my stuff? The prospect of downsizing can be overwhelming for seniors. In fact, even though 60% of… Read More

Inside The Studio

By Candace DeGiovine The much-anticipated opening of “The Studio” did not disappoint when the grand opening was held in December. The Studio was collaboratively put together by a committee comprised of both residents and staff. The group diligently worked on completing the room by preparing, cleaning, painting, and even reupholstering… Read More

Our dining is a haven for residents, where they’re “Cravin’ for Ravin!”

Everyone knows that a favorite dining spot can be a welcoming haven. Now imagine living where there are five favorite dining spots! That’s the dining experience at John Knox Village of Central Florida, where Executive Chef Ravin Bissoonduit oversees the creation of everything from magnificently plated masterpieces to down-to-earth comfort… Read More

Two Feet, Four Feet, One Community: Residents’ Pets Are Welcome!

John Knox Village of Central Florida is as firmly committed to welcoming our residents’ pets as we are to the residents themselves. Why? Companionship and healthy aging! Read More

Move-In Ready Cottages… Why Wait to Enjoy Every Day, Your Way?

A lot has been happening in the Village this summer. Residents have been taking full advantage of the summer programs being offered by our Resident Services team such as arts and craft classes, guest speakers from fields including health care and NASA, trips to concerts and other stage performances. Read More

How are Life Plan Communities and 55+ Communities Different?

Believe it or not, few seniors dream of spending their retirement coordinating lawn care, finding someone to repair the washer, unclog a sink or put on a new roof. Most retirees seldom wish they could spend more time cooking or cleaning. That’s because retirement is supposed to be a time… Read More

What Is a Life Care Contract?

What Is Life Care? You’ve spent most of your adult life working, living and preparing for the time when you’ll be able to enjoy life exactly as you like. You deserve to live confidently about the future you’ve created for yourself. You deserve to live with all the benefits of… Read More

The Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

How Social Activities and Retirement Communities Benefit Seniors As Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a social animal.” We may quibble about the animal part, but we know how important social interaction is, especially as we age. Building and maintaining social relationships and friendships can have a huge impact on… Read More